Kultur Haus Helvetia

Main Street, Helvetia , WV 26224

The Kultur Haus Helvetia consists of five components:

  • Helvetia General Store
  • Helvetia Post Office
  • Helvetia Mask Museum
  • Helvetia Alpen Lodge
  • Helvetia Research Center

The Helvetia General Store is designed to serve both residents and visitors. It stocks food, beverages, ice cream, and household items as well as t-shirts, postcards, and locally made products such as maple syrup, honey, and soap.

The Helvetia Post Office has served the community for 139 years. It has full business hours on weekdays and services including counter service and post office boxes are available. The rural delivery drivers operate out of the facility.

The Mask Museum is the result of a longstanding interest in preserving the artifacts and history of our Fasnacht celebration. This unique celebration is held the Saturday before Lent in Helvetia. There are currently over 30 masks that have been donated or loaned to the museum.

The Helvetia Alpen Lodge has restored sleeping rooms that were once used as a boarding house in the upstairs of the building. Oak floors and trim, solid plaster walls, a wide hallway, and an upstairs porch with a sweeping view of the village are features that make the lodge attractive. The Alpen Lodge has 5 bedrooms with private baths plus a shared kitchen and sitting room, all with wireless Internet access.

The Helvetia Research Center is designed to assist residents and visitors who want to study the history and genealogy of the community. The Research Center will work with the well established community-based History and Genealogy Projects. The center will also provide Internet services to local families who do not have broadband access in their homes during times the Helvetia Library is closed.

Helvetia Village District is a national historic district located in Helvetia. It encompasses 26 contributing buildings in the village center. Some of these buildings date to the original settlement period in 1869-1870 when they were built of log construction. Check out the historic cemetery while visiting.

Kultur Haus Helvetia

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