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Sinks of Gandy

Dry Fork Road, Whitmer , WV 26296

The Sinks of Gandy is a a mile-long natural cave near Osceola, West Virginia in the eastern part of Randolph County (west of Spruce Knob). The infamous fishing stream, Gandy Creek, flows through the tunnel for about 3,000 feet before disappearing into the ground. The creek later reemerges across the county and eventually flows into the Dry Fork River. Both Gandy Creek and the Sinks of Gandy were named after Uriah Gandy (Gandee) who settled in the area around 1781.

For cavers and naturalists alike, a journey through the “sinks” is a favorite rite of passage. Both entrances of the Sinks of Gandy are located on private property within the Potomac Ranger District of the Monongahela National Forest.

The cave is relatively forgiving to inexperienced visitors who can pass through the sinks safely with flashlights. A combination of scrambling and wading is required through Gandy Creek to complete the route. Be sure to do your research on traversing through the tunnel, you might find the dry downstream exit, which turns off to the right about 200 feet before the lower exit or you might have to return to the upstream entrance to exit.

Finding the entrances to the Sinks of Gandy are similar to a treasure hunt. Its locations are not identified on any signage in the area, but access is permitted by the private property owners.

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Directions from Elkins: From Elkins take Route 33E towards Harman to Rich Mountain Road. Turn right onto Rich Mountain Road, stay straight at the stop sign on Whitmer Road/CR 29. Continue until the fork in the road and turn right on Dry Fork Road/CR 40 for 11 miles. Turn left on dirt road and travel 0.5 mile to Sink of Gandy. There will be a small unmarked parking lot. Alternatively, you can take Dry Fork Road/CR 40 off of  Whitmer Road/CR 29 to access the Sinks as well.  Both routes have the same ending place and you can make a loop if you choose by taking one road down and one road back.

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