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Randolph County Ramps Up

Ramps are here, and in case you didn’t know – they’re a big deal in Randolph County. These wild leeks, or spring onions, tend to pop up early-mid April and for those of us that take ramp-season seriously the smell of cooked ramps can stick around for a while. We’re talking ramps for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner.

Volunteers finished cleaning 60 bushels of ramps for the Helvetia Ramp Supper. Photo credit to Dave Whipp on Facebook.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, ramps have undeniably made their mark across Appalachia’s higher elevations and for many are a cause to celebrate. Ask any local and you’ll be greeted with a story showcasing the joy or horror inflicted by ramps or they may swear by the leek’s cure-all ability and tastiness that inspires many to can, dehydrate, pickle and freeze ramps to keep them on the table year-round.

But if you’d rather keep the stink out of your kitchen to enjoy these delightful greens, no need to fret – Randolph County has its fair share of ramp suppers, festivals and restaurant dishes for locals and visitors alike.

The Helvetia Ramp Supper serves up your traditional fried and fresh ramps, ham and beans, fried potatoes, cornbread and more to complete your traditional cravings. If you’re feeling a little braver opt for something off-the-wall at the Ramps and Rail Festival, where local restaurants serve up creative ramp-infused dishes in a friendly competition where festival-goers decide who takes home the top-prize.

Trust us – we’ve got more ramps than you can handle, just check out our upcoming events, or sample any of restaurant specials below:


Restaurant Specials

*Ramp dishes are subject to change depending on availability. Please contact restaurants individually to ensure the dish is still available.

Keep an eye out on our Events Calendar as more ramp activities and dishes come up with Spring!