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Alpine Lodge & Restaurant

US-33 , Alpena, WV 26254

The Alpine Springs Lodge is nestled in the highlands of Alpena and has been a family-owned and operated lodge and restaurant since 1939. Located on Route 33 about 11 miles East of Elkins, the Alpine is nearby many outdoor activities in Randolph County.

Fishing poles, game trophies, and outdoor knick-knacks are on display to complete the rustic feel of dining in the mountains. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner at affordable prices. Steaks, spaghetti, rainbow trout, shrimp and country-fried steak are just some of the home-cooked meals on the menu.

The lodge offers pet-friendly rooms and is open year-round. The scenic mountain views help create ideal lodging for hunters, hikers, kayakers and fishermen or anyone looking for a serene getaway. The lodge is less than 20 miles from numerous trails, lakes, streams, ski resorts, national forests and state parks.

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