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On vacation, it can be tough figuring out what to do, where to go, and when to do it all. Let us suggest some cool things to do in different parts of Randolph County that will help you maximize your visit (without burning you out in the process!)

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Mom and Daughters enjoying the waterfalls at the High Falls of Cheat

Outdoor Intineraries

Outdoorsy people are always the most interesting. Their story of how they avoided the sleeping bear family while cave diving is way better that your recap of last night’s NCIS: Peoria. But you don’t have to be a professional spelunker to get outside. Just some shoes and a sense of fun.

Rich Mountain Battlefield

Historical Intineraries

If you think about it, every place is historical. But that doesn’t mean Elkins’ history isn’t better that your town’s. Because it is. Come see what we’ve been proud about for over 300 years.

Arts and Artisan Intineraries

Sometimes you just want to look at pretty things. We have those too.