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Beverly, West Virginia

The town of Beverly, West Virginia is one of the hidden gems of the Allegheny Highlands Region of eastern West Virginia. Sitting alongside the Tygart Valley River at the intersection of Files Creek in scenic Randolph County, Beverly sits at 1,962 feet above sea level. With over 700 residents calling Beverly home, the population is the highest it has ever been.

One of the first settlements west of the Alleghenies, Beverly dates back to the era of the American Revolutionary War. Beverly was founded in 1790. As the bustling economic and political center of Randolph County, Beverly’s strategic location alongside the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike led to its development as an important social and financial center for the region. During this time (the late 1700s to mid 1800s), Beverly’s position as an important trading and industrial center grew and it was established as the county seat of Randolph County – the largest in the state.

By the time crucial Civil War battles were fought nearby in 1861, Beverly was an established county seat and crossroads. Early in the Civil War, Beverly was a gathering place for Virginia Confederate troops. Following the Union victory at Rich Mountain Battlefield in July of 1861, many southern supporters fled south. During the war, Rebels raided Beverly four times, twice successfully; but the town and territory of northwestern Virginia remained in Union control. In 1863, Randolph County was included in the new loyal state of West Virginia. After the war, refugees and soldiers returned home, houses and businesses were rebuilt, and the town slowly recovered. New businesses were founded in the revived community. Following the founding of the railroad town of Elkins in 1890, much of the commerce and population of the county focused more on the newer city, and in 1899 the county seat was moved to Elkins. The rise of nearby Elkins at the end of the 19th Century left Beverly to be largely unaffected by later development. As a result, Beverly today preserves a unique look into an earlier time.

Beverly, West Virginia, was founded as the county seat of Randolph County, Virginia in 1790. Today this historic significance is recognized through the designation of much of the town as a National Register Historic District. Over a dozen pre-Civil War buildings still survive, and some are open to the public as museums or shops. Learn more about the history of Beverly here, or by visiting and experiencing Beverly for yourself.


Beverly, West Virginia

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