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Civil War Trails

Civil War Trails connects visitors with the great campaigns and lesser-known sites of the Civil War. Our signature signs and distinctive red bugle guide visitors as they follow in the footsteps of the generals, soldiers, citizens, and the enslaved who found themselves in the midst of this great struggle.

West Virginia Civil War Trails sites can be explored at your own pace, and many offer other historical and recreational opportunities. Enjoy one of the numerous walking tours available in many communities. Shop at one of hundreds of antique and specialty shops, dine at a historically-themed tavern, or simply walk amid the serenity of a preserved battlefield. Near every West Virginia Civil War Trails site, you’ll find other activities that make visiting West Virginia so popular: whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and curvy, country roads where the stories you’ve discovered will ignite your imagination.

The West Virginia Civil War Trails program is part of a five-state trails network that invites you to explore both well-known and less familiar sites associated with America’s greatest drama. Together, more than 1,000 places tell the epic and heartfelt stories of civilians and soldiers who experienced triumph and tragedy during the war.

Here in Randolph County, you can find several trail markers that truly tell the story of how the Civil War began and how it shaped our county and West Virginia as the 35th State in the Union.

Download the West Virginia Civil War Trails map book and brochure.

Civil War Trails

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