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Covered Bridge Loop

The Covered Bridge Loop is over 70 miles from Elkins to Buckhannon. Take a ride through 3 different counties on this itinerary built for you: Randolph, Barbour, and Upshur.

Make your way on US48 towards Buckhannon. Once you pass the John Deere Dealership on your right, you will come to an intersection with a stoplight. At this intersection turn right onto US 250N towards Belington. Continue through the town of Belington and stay on US 250N proceeding to Phillipi. Phillipi is home to one of the few functioning covered bridges left in the state. Completed in 1852 by builder Henry Hartley at a cost of just over twelve thousand dollars, the double-barreled 286-foot Long truss has continued to serve US 250 traffic through floods and other natural disasters. The well-known Adaland Mansion is also in Phillipi, but a slight detour from the Covered Bridge Loop Route.

In Phillipi, you will turn left onto 119S and continue on for about 20 miles. When you get to the stop sign at the end, turn left towards Buckhannon staying on 119. Once in Buckhannon take the exit ramp back toward Elkins and merge onto US48. You can either stay on the highway for a quick return or you can take part of the old Route 33 which is a two-lane road.

To take old Route 33, after merging onto the highway go about 3.5 miles and turn right onto Kesling Mill Road. Turn left to stay on the Old Elkins Road and travel through Ellamore. Continue for around 10 miles until you see Route 33 to merge back onto US48 and go to Elkins.

Neat Places to stop along the Covered Bridge Loop