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Gaudineer Knob & Scenic Area

Forest Road 27, Cheat Bridge, WV 26273

This scenic area is managed to feature an undisturbed condition of the West Virginia highlands for study and enjoyment. Maintaining the natural appearance of the area is an essential management goal here. The 140-acre Gaudineer Scenic Area is located near Gaudineer Knob at 4,432 feet in elevation, of Shavers Mountain in Randolph and Pocahontas Counties.

Approximately 50 acres of the Gaudineer Scenic Area has the virgin red spruce that originally occupied large portions of the highland areas of West Virginia. The composition of this impressive timber stand consists of virgin and second growth red spruce, yellow birch, beech, red maple, sugar maple, and other hardwood species. Individual trees range up to 40 inches in diameter at breast height and 300 years of age.

Forest Service road 27A is well maintained and leads right to the summit, Gaudineer Knob, where there is a gravel parking area, picnic tables, trash receptacles, toilets, and lots of old growth red spruce trees. This is about 1-mile loop underneath the large spruce trees to a beautiful overlook where you will be able to see miles and miles of West Virginia mountains. There are a number of hiking trails below the summit and these are worth checking out as well.


Gaudineer Knob & Scenic Area

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