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Helvetia Ramp Dinner

1 W Main Street, Elkins, WV 26241

Ramps are a pungent member of the leek family that grow wild in the Appalachian mountains. They were often the first fresh vegetable available to early settlers and the tradition developed of having large meals that included this green.

The Helvetia Ramp Supper is traditionally held on the last Saturday in April at the Community Hall. Volunteers prepare over 60 bushels of ramps, 300 pounds of ham, 60 pounds of beans, 480 pounds of potatoes, and 200 pounds of cabbage. The meal includes fried and fresh ramps, beans, ham, fried potatoes, applesauce, cornbread, drink, and dessert.

Once the food is gone, a square dance follows in the Helvetia Star Band Hall.

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