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Horse Camp

Cooper Road Route 33 East, Harman, WV 26270

This place is amazing and yes, you really can bring your horse. Heck, while you are at it go ahead and load the family dog up too. This beautiful farm offers pasture land and clean comfortable stalls for your favorite equine for close to nothing. Lodging for horses includes hay, grain, and unlimited grazing.

Feel the need to stay nearby? No problem. Check out the beautiful renovated onsite apartment. The apartment offers satellite TV with HBO, Cinemax, Stars and Showtime, WiFi and AC. Outside enjoy all of the outdoor space you can imagine. With an onsite pond and paddle boats, Horse Camp offers an over the water gazebo for outdoor meals and special family time. Winter guests should plan on arriving in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Don’t forget your cross country skies and sled…there is plenty of room here to play!

Horses can enjoy three nights of luxury for only $50! This property is so unique you have to see it to believe it! Online rates are for apartment stays only and do not include horses.

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