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Laurel River Club BnB

417 Jenningston Farm Road, Bowden, WV 26254

The Laurel River Club bed and breakfast is a beautiful, historical house that was built by the late B.W. Jennings and his wife, Ella, when Jenningston, West Virginia was a booming timber town in the early 1900s. Here at LRCBnB we’ve refreshed the home to accommodate 21st-century travelers who love the outdoors but also like a nice place to sleep, a hot breakfast, and modern plumbing after exploring in the mountains of West Virginia. This bed and breakfast is located on a 200 acre farm nestled in the middle of the Monongahela National Forest. The Dry Fork River runs just outside the yard and outdoor activities are limitless.

The BnB is surrounded by a working educational farm. Gather eggs, pick fresh berries and vegetables from the garden, and so much more. We offer an array of learning opportunities which include falconry demonstrations and hunts, guided nature hikes, learn to eat off the land, and as much farm-to-table that we can provide included in the opportunity to buy into a herd share and get fresh raw milk.

Bring your mountain bike, horse, kayak, fishing pole, walking stick, binoculars, snowshoes and cross country skis, camera or drone, metal detector, or whatever you like to do in the great outdoors and experience nature like you have never before. Need to just relax and unwind? We have plenty of spots throughout the farm with a captivating view that will create an atmosphere of total relaxation. Experience Jenningston for the first time or visit again and again. You will never tire of this wonderful place that has just what you are looking for.

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