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Otter Creek Wilderness

Forest Road 91, Bowden, WV 26254

Otter Creek Wilderness is 20,698 acres in size. The Otter Creek Wilderness lies in a bowl formed by Shavers Mountain and McGowan Mountain and is located within the Monongahela National Forest. Most of the streams flow north into Otter Creek. Otter Creek Wilderness has 45 miles of trails, many of which follow old railroad grades, logging roads, or farm roads. Few bridges are provided at creek crossings and some streams may be difficult to cross during high water events.

Trails are neither signed nor blazed, although rock cairns are sometimes provided in areas that may appear confusing. Trails, under the big Spruce trees, can be wet and muddy, so expect to get your feet wet every day of the year in Otter Creek. Elevations range from 1,800 feet to 3,900 feet in Otter Creek so snow is plentiful in the wintertime for winter recreation activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

One of the main trails begins in Randolph County and follows Otter Creek where it eventually flows into the Dry Fork of the Cheat River in Tucker County. If you make this hike, be sure to have a vehicle on the other side. Backcountry campsites are dispersed along the trails. If you want to check out a really neat map of Otter Creek Wilderness check out the Elkins-Otter Creek Purple Lizard Map.

Hunters will find bear, deer, turkey, snowshoe hare in higher elevations, squirrel and grouse in the Wildlife Management Area. Accommodations are provided for the Class Q hunter. All residents must have a proper hunting license and all non-residents must have a non-resident hunting license. Additional permits may be required. Hunters with physical disabilities may be eligible for disability permits.

Otter Creek Wilderness

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