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Seneca Caverns

3328 Germany Valley Rd, Riverton, WV 26814

The first verifiable history of human contact with Seneca Caverns was in the early 1400’s when the Seneca Indians used the cave. The Caverns are located on a great Indian trading route through the Appalachian Mountains in Pendleton County. Many tribes used this trading route but it was the Seneca Indians who lived here and used the cave for shelter, storage and special ceremonies.

The Seneca Cavern underground tour is approximately 45 minutes and 1 mile of trail.  There are quite a few steps, as you’ll descend 165 feet below ground, but the pathways are clear and maintained. The entire trail is lit, has handrails, and a guide will lead the way. Visitors of all ages enjoy discovering the adventure of our underground wonderland. Venturing beneath the green earth into the dark, cool, living cave is exciting and enchanting. Rocks and minerals shaped by millions of years of water flow, which is still present, will inspire awe and wonder.

The Stratosphere Cavern tour is for those with a spirit for adventure that are 12 years  of age or older. This unique experience requires bravery and skill and is well worth the effort. There are no lights, except those that we take in and some climbing is required. Mandatory tour guides provide guidance and information on this 45 minute journey.

Directions from Elkins: Take US Route 33E towards Seneca Rocks. Turn left on Rt. 33 at Seneca Rocks. Seneca Caverns is located three miles southeast of Riverton, WV, off Rt. 33 and 28. It’s about an hour away from Elkins.

Seneca Caverns

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