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Seneca Creek Backcountry

Forest Road 112, Whitmer, WV 26296

The Seneca Creek Backcountry is not far from the summit of Spruce Knob. Both of these areas are along the Pendleton/Randolph County line. Seneca Creek Backcountry offers hikers, mountain bikers, and horsemen diverse backcountry to explore. Over 60 miles of trails twist and turn through 19,600 acres mountain vistas, open fields, along gurgling mountain streams and waterfalls, and some of the best camping in West Virginia. Beautiful northern hardwood forests provide a canopy for most of the area creating a brilliant display of greenery and fall color.

Most of this area provides cool shade in the summer, reaching elevations from 3,000 feet to over 4,800 feet above sea level, with many opportunities to identify spring and summer wildflowers, birds and other wildlife. Hunting is allowed in this area during the proper season and hikers are encouraged to wear high visibility clothing at this time.

You can only access Seneca Creek Backcountry by hiking or biking. You can get to the many trailheads by following County Road 29 along Gandy Creek. There are 7 trailheads along this road. There are several streamside campsites along all of the trails.

Seneca Creek is named after the large bluff of white sandstone at Seneca Rocks nearby. It is managed as a wild trout stream and is inhabited by wild rainbow trout that can reach about 12 inches long and it is also inhabited by the northern strain of brookies that will average about 6 inches long. If you are making a weekend out of your trip, one suggestion is to hike to the Upper Falls of Seneca Creek. This 15-foot high falls drops into an equally deep pool of emerald green cold, refreshing water. Take a dip and enjoy the exhilarating mountain water.

Seneca Creek Backcountry

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