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Seneca Rocks

Route 33, Seneca Rocks, WV 26884

Seneca Rocks, located in Pendleton County, is one of the best-known landmarks in West Virginia and in the Monongahela National Forest. This rock formation rises nearly 900 feet near the confluence of Seneca Creek and the North Fork of the South Branch Potomac River.

The Rocks were stripped away over time leaving behind the formations that we know today. These formations made of Tuscarora quartzite, are exposed grayish-white ridges 250 feet thick and known as one of the most imposing formations throughout eastern West Virginia. During World War II, this iconic attraction served as a training ground for American soldiers.

Since the purchase in 1969 by the federal government, Seneca Rocks has been a popular climbing destination with 375 rock climbing paths that attracts rock climbers from all over the world. A self-guided 1.3 mile trail begins at the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center and offers the non-climber a way to reach the lofty heights of the rocks and the view of the scenic “Germany Valley” below.

The village has several rock climbing operations that offer guiding and rock climbing courses. The community of Seneca Rocks is home to a historic Homestead built in 1839 near the Seneca Rocks Visitors Center. Nearby Smoke Hole Caverns and Seneca Caverns show caves with fascinating cave formations. You are also near the highest point in West Virginia, Spruce Knob.

Amenities on the premises include vaulted toilets, picnic tables, hiking trails, fishing access, and visitor services.

Directions from Elkins: Take Route 33 E from Elkins towards Seneca Rocks. Once you reach the small town of Harman stay on Route 33 E towards Seneca Rocks. It’s about a 50 minute drive from Elkins.


Seneca Rocks

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