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Shavers Fork of the Cheat

US Route 33, Bowden, WV 26241

Owing to its ruggedness of the surrounding Allegheny Mountains, the Cheat remains largely remote, making this river one of the best tributaries in West Virginia. The Cheat River has been reported to have been named for its deceptively deep sections containing whirlpools that presumably “cheated” men of their lives by drowning them.

The Cheat River has five forks, Black, Shavers, Dry, Glady, and Laurel Fork, these are known as the five Forks of the Cheat. Shavers Fork of the Cheat River is one of the longest, well-known trout streams in Randolph County, West Virginia. The High Falls of the Cheat is located upstream from the little town of Bemis on the Shavers Fork. Hiking the trail or riding an excursion train are your options to see these magnificent falls.

There are plenty of remote sections along the Shavers Fork and are ideal for fishermen who like to “get away from people.” The Shavers, although shallow in some places, is a good-sized river that sports some big pools that trout absolutely love. Stay awhile, and check out the plenty of cabins available to rent for a night or a whole week.

Shavers Fork of the Cheat

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