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Smoke Hole Caverns

8290 N Fork Hwy, Cabins, WV 26855

Deep under the scenic beauty of the West Virginia mountains, Smoke Hole Caverns provide visitors with a peek into the life below the surface. The history of Smoke Hole Caverns, located in Pendleton County, is tied to the Seneca Indians who used the front section of the caverns to smoke wild game. The slow-burning wood fires sent clouds of smoke swirling out into the valley. The scene was so common that early settlers called the place Smoke Hole.

The Caverns were the ideal place for early settlers and immigrants to make corn whiskey after the Civil War due to its many rooms and secluded location. The clean cold stream that flows through the Caverns was perfect for “moonshine” and it is estimated that perhaps as many as 20 stills operated at one time!

For those who have never been into a cavern, Smoke Hole Caverns is a must visit.  The formations of minerals look like a scene from a lost world. Bring a jacket as the caverns temperature stays around 50  degrees year-round. A Sturdy pair of comfortable shoes is another recommendation.  The tours through the caverns take a little less than an hour and will be enjoyable for the entire family.

Directions from Elkins: Take Route 33E towards Seneca Rocks. Turn left onto WV-28N towards Petersburg. Smoke Hole Caverns & Gift Shop will be on the left. It’s about an hours drive from Elkins.

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