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Stuart Memorial Drive

Forest Road 91, Bowden, WV 26254

Stuart Memorial Drive (Forest Road 91) is a scenic 10.3-mile road that adjoins the south side of the Otter Creek Wilderness. The road climbs from the Shaver’s Fork River valley to near the top of Bickle Knob and Stuart Knob, which are two of the highest peaks in the local area. The west end of the road begins at 2,200 feet above sea level near the Shaver’s Fork River, and the road reaches its highest elevation of 3,900 feet at its approximate mid-point near Stuart Knob. The eastern half of the road stays above 3,000 feet all the way to its end at Alpena Gap on the crest of Shaver’s Mountain. Along the way, the road traverses through a diversity of forested and open habitats.

Although Stuart Memorial Drive is maintained and open to the public, it is not paved and can become rutted in wet conditions. Four-wheel drive is not needed in good weather, but the road may not be suitable for some low-clearance passenger vehicles, such as sports cars and compact cars. Occasional snow and ice can occur up to the end of April.

Several National Forest grazing allotments add open pasture to the habitat mix in this area. While traveling on the road check out the many trails nearby, camp at Bear Heaven Campground, or see the 360 degree views of Randolph County from Bickle Knob.


Stuart Memorial Drive

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