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The Mingo Indian

The statue of The Mingo Indian sits on the side of U. S. Route 219 at Mingo Flats in Valley Head, West Virginia. Descendants of the early pioneers wanted to honor the place where the American Indian village had stood, now known as Mingo Flats. Remains of the village were visible to the first settlers, although clearly abandoned for many years. The historic Brazenhead Inn sits on the location of the Mingo Village and hunting grounds.

The inscription on the statue reads: This monument is erected in memory of the passing of the “Red Man.” An Indian village was located near this place according to local tradition. It was frequented by the Mingo tribe, and at one time was an Iroquois outpost – Mingo Iroquois, meaning “Foreign Service”. The Mingoes are said to have been expelled by the Iroquois for disloyalty. This village was on the trail from the Lakes to the South, but had been abandoned prior to the coming of the “Pale Face”. From this tradition came the name of the present village. The Magisterial District and the adjacent stream – Mingo Run. Tal-gah-Jute-John Logan-The Mingo Chief, is supposed to have used this habitat. He was terrible in war-fare, yet humane in peace and was a factor in Colonial History.

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