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Located in the heart of downtown Elkins, Big Timber Brewing has been busier than ever with its continual construction of their new taproom and brewery. Being a true leader among West Virginia’s breweries, Big Timber has invested over $2 million in this multi-layer project and it shows. They have totally revamped the 1920s brick building into a modern energy efficient space with a lot of character.  Follow along and read about the ins and outs of what Big Timber has in store in the future for the locals and visitors to enjoy.

Inside of the new brewery

Production Enhancement: Since the beginning of 2019, Big Timber has been producing beer in the new brewery. The new brewery is a 6900 square foot space whereas the old brewery had only 2200 square feet to work with. With the increase in space, the new brewery has more than doubled with 450 barrels of fermentation space with plenty of room to grow. Also the new brewery contains 12 fermenters, all varying in size, therefore allowing the brewers to increase the variety of Big Timber beer produced. These improvements and upgrades were made to provide a more efficient beer making process. They have everything onsite like a laboratory for quality assurance, a cold storage room for draft and canned beer, a grain mill, hop freezer room, and large malt silo to keep fresh ingredients on hand, and a keg filler and cleaning station. Another interesting update is the installment of solar panels on the roof of the facility. With more and more facilities straying away from the use of fossil fuels, Big Timber wanted to get ahead of the game and provide power to the facility by using the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source available, the sun.

View as seen from “behind bar” of the new taproom

New Taproom: Now onto the goods that you have been waiting patiently for. The new taproom is definitely something to talk about and get excited for. The new taproom will be about 4200 square feet and compared to the old one at 1100 square feet. Think about that statement for a moment. To put it in perspective, the new taproom will almost quadruple the space of the current one. Brewery tours and tastings will be available for visitors to learn about the Big Timber brewing process and what makes their beer one of the best in the state. Not only will the amount of indoor seating expand, outdoor seating will also be available. Weekly live music has always been a huge hit at Big Timber and that won’t stop at the new facility. A raised entertainment stage will be located in the back corner of the taproom. The most anticipated question is will there be food? And the answer is yes! The plan right now is to have a walk up kitchen that features gastro-pub like food, which seems like a win-win no matter how you look at it. Oh, and to top it all off, the bar from the old taproom will actually be moved into the new space!

Beginning construction of the new beer garden

Outdoor Space: One of the main highlights of the new brewpub is the outdoor space that encompasses the entire back part of the facility. Patrons will have the opportunity to enjoy the beer garden and fresh air that compliments the views of the Tygart River flowing below. The beer garden features a large, elevated concrete pad and green space that is handicap accessible for all to enjoy a variety of yard games like cornhole. Another fun addition to the outdoor space, is an indoor, outdoor fireplace so on those chilly, cool nights you’ll be able to warm up not only with beer, but also relax by the fire.

So what do all these upgrades exactly mean? It means more beer and more fun for folks like you to enjoy. Big Timber hopes to have the construction complete and the new taproom opening summer of 2021. Until then, visit them at the current taproom located in south Elkins at 1210 S Davis Avenue and try out the different rotating beers on tap or pick up a 4-pack to go.