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With over 100,000 visitors coming every year to Randolph County, there are many options for travelers to rest their heads for the night.

From cozy cabins in the Monongahela National Forest, to affordable hotels, to campgrounds surrounded by nature, there’s something for every traveler’s taste.

Woodlands Development and Lending and Taylor Hospitality have come together to transform an iconic and historic building in Elkins into Randolph County’s boutique hotel. The Tygart Hotel started its journey in 1906 as a hotel, then renovated into apartments in the 1970s, and has been owned by Woodlands Development since 2018. 

We spoke to the team at The Tygart Hotel for an insider’s look. Here’s what guests can expect whilst staying at the Tygart Hotel:

What kind of experience do you want to provide for guests at the Tygart Hotel?

At the Tygart Hotel, our primary goal is to provide exceptional experiences, whether you are visiting and staying with us or dining with us in Oxley House.  We believe in creating an atmosphere where our guests can find both comfort and unique charm. Our building itself dates back to 1906, giving visitors a taste of history alongside modern luxuries. 

Each room in the Tygart Hotel is designed with its own unique layout displaying local artwork in each guest room which provides a personal touch that sets us apart from the standard hotel offering. 

Additionally, we invite our guests to indulge in dining at our in-house cocktail bar and restaurant, Oxley House. Whether you choose to enjoy our culinary delights on-site or opt for the luxury of in-room dining, we ensure your needs are met with the highest quality and service.

What makes the Tygart Hotel unique from other lodging options?

The Tygart Hotel isn’t just a place to stay—it’s an experience steeped in history. This historic 56-room boutique hotel showcases architectural beauty and offers guests a unique blend of classic charm and modern comfort. Whether you’re here for leisure or business, the Tygart Hotel has a timeless allure that will make your stay memorable. 

We also understand the value of loyalty and rewards, and have made it possible for our guests to be part of the Choice Hotel Loyalty program. This way, they can earn points with every stay and use them towards booking their rooms, making each visit not only memorable but also rewarding. The Tygart Hotel is part of the Ascend Hotel Collection of Choice Hotels, and the only designated Choice Hotel in Elkins.

The hotel’s location is integral to the Tygart experience. Nestled in the heart of downtown, we ensure that shopping, dining, and cultural attractions are just a leisurely stroll away. Just blocks away, guests can visit the Elkins Depot Welcome Center, home to the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad. It’s an excellent location for those looking to immerse themselves in the charm of our lively community. 

What can guests expect when staying at the Tygart Hotel?

At the Tygart Hotel, our vision is to transcend the traditional hotel stay, offering guests an experience that lingers long after they’ve checked out. We are dedicated to crafting memorable moments for our guests, which we bring to life through attention to the details—the kind that turn a simple visit into a cherished memory. 

With a passion for the unique character of our local history and culture, we have intricately interwoven this essence into the everyday experiences of our guests. Our Lost Town Art Museum is not merely a space but an exploration—a journey through time where historic interpretation meets the vibrancy of local artwork and brings the past to life.

What are the accommodations and/or offerings?

The Tygart Hotel takes pride in providing a variety of rooms to cater to different preferences and needs. We offer single queen rooms for solo travelers or couples, double queen rooms ideal for friends or small families, and king rooms for those desiring extra space and luxury. Our king suites are perfect for guests looking for premium accommodations with added amenities. Additionally, we are committed to accessibility, offering ADA queen rooms equipped with features for guests with special needs. 

How can we find out more about the Tygart Hotel or Book a Stay?

To find out more about the Tygart Hotel or to book a stay with us, visitors can explore our website – www.tygarthotel.com– where they can immerse themselves in the story of our hotel, peek at our collection of rooms, and make a reservation. It is our commitment that guests leave with memorable experiences, and we eagerly anticipate giving them a warm welcome to the world of Tygart Hotel—a haven where history, comfort, and hospitality intertwine.

Will you be having any events open to the community or visitors?

As for our connection with the community and visitors, we will frequently host events each month that are open to both locals and out-of-town guests. Whether it’s a local musician playing music throughout the evening or a seasonal tasting event, we want the hotel to be a local sweet spot as well as an inviting atmosphere for a visitor. 

Future offerings that are coming or exciting projects you’re currently working on?

Looking towards the future, we are excited about several projects in the pipeline that promise to further enhance guest and local experience. The biggest project we are excited about is our Grand Opening event that will take place in March when the weather warms. During this event, we plan on having a big block party that showcases not just the Tygart Hotel but our neighbors on Davis Avenue. We are going to be inviting local and state dignitaries, the local community, our regional partners, and our key stakeholders who really helped bring this dream to life. More details on that event to come, but we welcome all to stay updated through our social media channels and sign up for our monthly newsletter which will highlight Oxley House events and specials, local attractions, and updates about the hotel. 

Are there facilities for hosting events or business meetings at the hotel? 

Absolutely. Our hotel has meeting spaces that are perfect for small events, business gatherings, and corporate retreats. In addition, we provide group rates for weddings, room blocks for special occasions, and accommodations for bus groups to ensure that every stay is tailored to our guests’ needs.


The Tygart Hotel is just one of many historical buildings that tell a story that has been forgotten and is left for a new generation to appreciate it. 

To learn more about the Tygart Hotel and to book your reservations visit their website today.

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