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Day 1


Hike a section of the Allegheny Trail and listen to live music at the Oxley House


Great Harvest Bakery and Cafe has everything you need for a delicious breakfast. Yogurt parfait, hot and melty breakfast sandwiches, berry cream cheese scones, and cinnamon rolls await!  Make sure to grab a salad, sandwich, soup, or pepperoni roll for your lunch out on the Allegheny Trail!


  1. The 330-mile Allegheny Trail traverses woodlands, streams, farmlands, and country roads, offering renowned hiking, backpacking, camping, and fishing. It passes through or near three state parks, four state forests, two national wilderness areas, and the Monongahela, George Washington, and Jefferson National Forests, spanning six counties: Preston, Tucker, Randolph, Pocahontas, Greenbrier, and Monroe.
  2. Randolph County access points include the southernmost trailhead north of Glady on Route 27, an unmarked trailhead at a Glady Fork crossing on Route 12 between Alpena and Jenningston, and along US Route 33 at Evenwood. Enjoy the spectacular scenery along Glady Fork and its tributaries.


Eat up on the trail! Have a picnic with your packed lunch from Great Harvest Bakery & Cafe.


  1. Return to Elkins and discover what makes us “Unexpectedly Cool” by exploring our downtown shops, historic buildings, heritage museums, and eclectic coffee and sweet shops!


Head to The Oxley House for an unforgettable experience in hospitality! Dine in and enjoy the ambiance of the historic Tygart Hotel, and stay for a cocktail in the lounge while you sway along to live music.

Day 2

Gaudineer Scenic Area & Beverly

Explore Gaudineer Knob and sing along with the Gandy Dancer Dinner Theatre


Stop in at Carrie’s Happy Day Cafe and pick up a hoagie or fresh pepperoni roll to take a long for an outdoor picnic at Gaudineer Scenic Area.

Grab a delicious breakfast at EATS Restaurant before heading up the valley to Gaudineer Knob!


  1. To get to Gaudineer Scenic Area and Knob, from Elkins take US-250 S/Randolph Ave and continue to follow US-250 S for just over 30 miles. Turn left onto Forest Rd 27 and drive just over 2 miles and you’ve arrived! The drive will take you almost an hour.
  2. Nestled high on Shavers Mountain at 4,432 feet, the Gaudineer Scenic Area in Cheat Bridge, WV, offers a tranquil retreat into nature.
  3. You can expect a gravel parking area, picnic spots, and facilities, along with hiking trails, including a scenic 1-mile loop that rewards with breathtaking views. This hidden gem invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of ancient woodlands.

Did You Know?

Spanning 140 acres, this area features a unique 50-acre virgin red spruce forest, where trees reach 40 inches in diameter and 300 years in age.


Enjoy your hoagie or pepperoni roll packed lunch from Carrie’s Happy Day Cafe!


  1. Begin your journey back North on U.S. 250 to Elkins and make sure to stop on the way and discover the hidden historical gem of Beverly, West Virginia. Stroll through the historic downtown with a self-guided tour brochure, available at the Beverly Heritage Center, where you can delve into the rich history and culture of Randolph County.
  2. For a fun twist, try the 1841 Randolph County Jail Escape Room.
  3. As you wander the town, be sure to explore the numerous shops, including Gretel’s Moon Gift Shop and Historic Beverly Antiques.


Dinner tonight will be at The Gandy Dancer Dinner Theatre – prepare yourself for dinner and a fabulous show!


  1. Experience West Virginia’s only Branson-style dinner shows at the Gandy Dancer Theatre. Enjoy dynamic performances featuring talented musicians and dancers who infuse comedy and passion into their acts.
  2. The two-hour Premier Show is a high-energy, state-of-the-art performance with music from the ’50s to today, including Country, Gospel, Pop, Rock, and Patriotic songs. Enjoy a plated meal while being entertained by top-notch performers.

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