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West Fork Rail Trail

W Fork Trail, Glady, WV 26268

The West Fork Trail is a pleasant 22-mile trail that snakes its way through a remote mountain setting and follows the West Fork River for most of its route. The soothing rumble of the river complements the trail’s serene environment. This is a great path for mountain-biking, hiking, and horse-back riding, but the surface is primarily ballast left over from the rail corridor, so leave your road bike at home.

The trail begins in the small community of Glady. Even though the trail appears to be flat, you will find yourself on a gentle decline as the trail follows the river downstream from Glady. For the first 5 miles, the trail takes a higher route above the western side of the river and pops in and out of small groves of conifers, offering great views of the surrounding hills.

Meandering through the mountains, the trail and the river make sweeping 180-degree turns through a tight valley surrounded by steep hillsides. The West Fork River is a popular fishing spot, and you are bound to see a number of anglers along the way.

The trail comes to an end in the town of Durbin, a quiet Appalachian town that has wonderful little lunch spots and a nice Main Street corridor. You can pick up another scenic rail-trail south of Durbin in the community of Cass. Here, you find the Greenbrier River Trail, which winds 77 miles southward through the lush river valley and is in the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.

West Fork Rail Trail