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It is that time of year – the time to begin planning all of your 2021 vacations.  National Plan for Vacation Day takes place during the last Tuesday in January as a day to encourage Americans to plan their vacation days for the entire year. While much of the country continues to face rising COVID-19 case numbers and travel restrictions, National Plan for Vacation Day is your chance to do what is safe and productive and that is to plan.

Photo Credit // @WVTourism

It is okay to plan short, nearby trips to test the waters and your comfort level with traveling. Mark specific days on your calendar to visit a local museum, hike a nearby trail, or take a scenic road trip. Here are several safe and responsible reasons as to why you should plan your vacation to Randolph County. We are ready for you when you are ready.

We know that social distancing is a priority for you and we have a forest that will help make that easy.  Known as the base camp of the Monongahela National Forest, our secluded cabin rentals make for the perfect adventurous escape no matter the season. The beautiful Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia encompass Randolph County.  For the avid hikers, mountain bikers, and devoted fishermen, pristine paths and streams are present around every corner of the county. If winter is your scene, our mountainous terrain provides some of the best winter weather in the state and to top it off we are located in the heart of West Virginia ski country. It’s no wonder this natural paradise is a primary destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Recognized as the business and cultural hub of the region, Randolph County embodies the spirit of the eastern frontier. Whether you are visiting the charming communities of Elkins, Beverly, or Helvetia, each has something different and unique to offer. With tree-lined streets and a vibrant downtown, Elkins has a mix of thriving theatres, beautiful art, specialty shops, coffeehouses, and breweries. The town of Beverly is a quiet, small town and holds hidden treasures of history. Much of the town is designated as a National Register Historic District and over a dozen pre-Civil War buildings still survive, some open to the public as museums and antique shops. Embrace the oasis of serenity in the small community of Helvetia. This small village, hidden in a high mountain valley an hour from anywhere, blends Appalachian and Swiss culture. This is where time slows down and we promise you Helvetia is unlike any other place in this world.

So, whether you are traveling alone, or with friends and/or family, begin to dream again about where your next travels will lead you. We hope your plans lead you to  Randolph County.